Convert CGM files to SVG, PDF and EPS files

Convert CGM to Vector, including lines, text, bezier curves and filled paths, preserving fonts and retaining graphical accuracy. An excellent tool for technical publishing professionals requiring the batch conversion of CGM illustrations into SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic), PDF and EPS.

The SVG output is very useful for HTML5 publishing, also for display of graphics on mobile devices. Key benefit, preserves the CGM hotspot information, embedded raster data in the converted SVG files. The software also supports the TECH SVG profile, providing a consistent method of exchanging SVG data.

Demo Videos:
User Interface

Features:  Convert CGM to Vector 

  • Convert Single or Batches of CGM files.
  • CGM hotspot information preserved in SVG format.
  • Click to view PDF file.
  • Line width scaling options.
  • Document Scaling: Scale to fit a specified size or Scale by percent.

  • Desktop Version (Windows) - Install standalone on your Windows workstation. Provides an easy to use interface (GUI), users simply select the CGM files for conversion, the output format, and the directory for the converted files.
  • Network Version (Windows) - Run multiple floating copies of the Desktop standalone version on your network. Providing convenient access for users .
  • Command Line Version (Windows & Linux) - Provides a command line mode with control over conversion parameters, enabling the automatation and configuration of the work-flow.

Technical Specifications

Figure 1: GUI of Desktop and Network Versions

License Type: Perpetual
Versions: Desktop, Network, Command Line and SDK.
Platforms: Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, 10 and Linux (command line only)
Input: CGM v1-v4
Input Profiles: ATA, CALS, S1000D and WebCGM
Output: SVG, PDF and EPS
Output Profiles: TECH SVG