Check out the enhanced functionality of VizEx Pro

  • Faster viewing speed, without delays, saving you time & money.
  • Enhanced Mark-up features with measuring tools. No need for expensive technical illustration software.
  • Format conversion - Fast print processing, making your team more productive.
  • Browse - Quickly browse whole folder of files with Next/Previous button.
  • Accurate - Perfectly scaled, high resolution output.
  • Efficient - Maximize your "printing time." More prints per day. Printers are busy printing, not busy rasterizing files!
  • Extra Long Printing - No problem!  The RIP option handles long prints with ease.
  • Easy - No need to mess with custom page sizes. Just select a printer, and the RIP option determines the exact size and automatically cuts the paper. No wasted paper!

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Data Sheet:

Put the leading CGM and TIFF viewer to work on every Professional's desktop.

Comparison of VizEx Reader to VizEx Professional
Feature VizEx Reader VizEx Pro
Printing sizes A-J A, B (A4,A3) only All sizes
File Conversion No Yes
Mark-up (red-lining) No Yes
Measurement Tool No Yes
Cropping Tool No Yes
Annotation No Yes
Hotspot Tool No Yes
Callouts Tool No Yes

Technical Specifications

Subscription License Types: Desktop & Network
Platform: Windows 7, 8 & 10, Server 2008 and later
Input: CGM V1-4, TIFF, DWG, DXF, EMF
Profiles: ATA, CALS, S1000D & WebCGM
RIP Option: Print extra long & large files with the Larson RIP Option.
Output: CGM, JPEG, PNG, & TIFF