Edit and create compliant S1000D and ATA CGM technical illustrations

VizEx Edit is the leading CGM and SVG technical illustration software. Providing complete support for the WebCGM 2.0 and TECH SVG profiles. Create overlay hotspots, embedded hyperlinks, and link all your drawings together with this standard technology. VizEx Edit includes powerful tools, enabling the revision of technical illustrations. Edit illustration lines, ellipses, fill colors, change fonts, reposition objects, or just delete them.

Demo Videos:
Adding Callouts
Adding Hotspots
Drawing with IsoMetric Grid
The Library function
Raster Editing
Optical Character Recognition Function*
Auto-Hotspot Function*
3D CAD file viewing*

* VizEx Edit Plus Features.

VizEx Edit - Benefits and Features:

  • Sophisticated technical illustration tools:
    VizEx Edit features an isometric grid with magnetic and alignment properties. The graphic elements including lines, rectangles and of course the ellipse automatically align to the isometric grid. The new cutting tool makes editing easier, faster and more accurate.
  • Multi format support- Import Illustrator, PDF, DWG, TIFF and other (see full list below) graphics formats in addtion to all versions of CGM.
  • Add hotspots: With VizEx Edit, you can quickly add hotspots and enter associated metadata. Simply click and drag rectangle to indicate hotspot, or select group of objects to create a hotspot for entire group.
  • Edit Metadata: The metadata "Tree View” window makes it easy to modify hotspot attributes like object id, name(s), embedded links. Hotspot metadata can also be edited by clicking with Control-key on hotspots to bring up metadata properties window.
  • Library Function: Easily reuse common graphics, spare parts, symbols, anything you like. Create multiple libraries, and add new graphics by simply selecting the graphic, right clicking and selected 'Add to Library'
  • Raster Editing: A new way of working with legacy data. Edit raster images in place by just double clicking, and select your favorite image editor. Complete the image editing and accurately add new vector data to complete the illustration.
  • Tabbed and Split Views: Tabs permit several files to be opened in a single session and then click tabs to quickly navigate between images. Split views further enable multiple files to be viewed simultaneously for quick comparison and revision.
  • SVG import and export: VizEx Edit can import and export the Scalable Vector Graphic format (SVG). We use the TECH SVG profile to export the data, providing consistency and reliability.
  • VizEx Edit Plus

  • Auto Hotspot Function: Larson's powerful Auto Hotspotter technology is available as a fully integrated option. Simply select a file and click “Start AutoHotspotter” and a file is scanned for all vector and raster text. Text to be hot-spotted is identified according to a set of parameters, like alpha, numeric only, or a regex text filter. The CGM file will be hot-spotted on screen, and attributes will be automatically generated. This function provides a huge production time saver.
  • OCR (Optical Character Recognition): The other valuable functionality of VizEx Edit Plus is the OCR capability. The ability to select raster text and tranform it automatically into real text is a major benefit when editing legacy graphics. The OCR function provides validation of the conversion, before committing to the transformation to text. Following transformation normal font characteristics can be applied, including, font, size, etc.
  • 3D CAD file viewing: A new valuable feature, if you're working with CAD data, you can now preview the 3D model. Work with the 3D Model, reorientate the view, explode the parts from the main assembly. 3D File formats supported, STEP, IGES, GLTF, VRML.

VizEx Edit is a cost-effective solution for any technical publication group.

Technical Specifications

Input:  Vector: CGM, SVG, DWG, DXF, PDF, AI, EPS
             Raster: BMP, CALS, EMF, GIF, JPEG, PNG, TIFF
CGM Profiles: WebCGM, S1000D 2.3 & 4, ATA V4
SVG Profiles: TECH SVG

Subscription License Types: Desktop and Network

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