Oil and Gas E&P

Simplify and improve your productivity with Larson's solutions for Viewing, Printing, and Presenting your ideas.

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Aerospace & Defense, Automotive,and Manufacturing

Larson actively develops products and supports CGM's role in Tech Pubs.

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Software Developers

With over 30 years experience in CGM development, Larson is ideally positioned to meet your CGM development needs.

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Welcome to Larson

Larson Software Technology has been committed to developing innovative graphics software tools based on open standards to simplify and improve your graphics workflow for over 30 years.

Larson is one of the leading proponents of WebCGM, a W3C standard providing for the implementation of reusable technical graphics in electronic format that can be displayed in a Web environment.

Latest News & Events

October 26-31, 2014

SEG Denver 2014.  Come see us! 
Colorado Convention Center. Oct.. 26-31

June 23-25, 2014

S1000D User Forum and ATA e-Business Forum, San Antonio, Texas, June 23-25.
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