The Intelligent Graphics Software Company

Larson Software Technology has developed CGM graphics products and
Development Kits (SDK’s) for over 30 years. We provide software solutions for various industry types including: Aerospace & Defense , Oil & Gas, Automotive and General Manufacturing.

Our VizEx product portfolio includes:
- a family of CGM viewing technologies,
- a fully featured CGM Editor and
- data conversion tools to transform your graphics production process.

The Software Development community can leverage Larson’s industry leading (SDK’s) including CGM; Plug-ins, Libraries, Converters and Generators.

Larson CGM products provide compliance to International Defense & Aerospace specifications S1000D and ATA iSpec 2200. The support of numerous CGM profiles, including MIL-D-28003A developed by the US DOD and CGM*PIP used by the Oil & Gas Industries. Larson also provides support for, WebCGM, a W3C standard, enabling the display of technical graphics in Web environment.

Larson, we are the CGM Experts, contact us today.

Featured Products

The Native CGM Editor

The Professional CGM viewer

Convert & Hotspot graphics. Batch Mode

View CGM graphics. No Plugin required