Our Free CGM & TIFF Viewer


The Free version of VizEx Reader will be phased out during the first quarter of 2019. You can continue to use the Free version until the end of April 2019. The Subscription Version of VizEx Reader will be available as a replacement in our new online store, opening in April 2019. The price will be $48.00 per year. Please send any questions to sales@cgmlarson.com

Exchange your drawings, graphs, logs, maps, and seismic sections with your coworkers, customers, partners, suppliers, and technicians.

Exchanging CGM and TIFF files electronically: via email, CD/DVD, or a web server; saves time, and reduces document printing and delivery costs.

  • CGM - High Resolution & Scalable! CGM files are typically vector based, so viewing speeds are faster than raster images. Image quality is superb, especially when viewing
    in a "Zoom" mode.
  • CGM & Profiles: VizEx Reader supports the ISO binary CGM standard versions 1-4,
    and Industry specific profiles such as Seismic+, Petroleum PIP, Air Transport ATA,
    Mil-Spec 1000-D, and WebCGM.
  • TIFF - large image files, No Problem! VizEx will handle the large and long image
    files often found in drawing and well log archives.

Corporate Subscription of VizEx Reader- License to distribute within an enterprise is available for Server and the IE Plugin without splash screen, and forced update.  

Technical Specifications

Licenses:  Free desktop;  Corporate Subscription
Platforms: Windows 7, 8 & 10, Server 2008 and later
Input:  CGM V1-4 & TIFF; 
Profiles: CGM+, PIP, S1000D & WebCGM