Larson is well known for its CGM technology, however, we support many other graphical file formats including SVG (Scalable Vector Graphic). SVG is similar to CGM as it’s an open format, based on XML. SVG has the ability to display vector graphics on the web without a plug-in technology. This is a big benefit if you're trying to avoid installing extra software on your computer.

Download TECH SVG Draft Profile Paper

Larson also develops a technology to retain your CGM's display capabilities on the web. VizEx View HTML5 does not require a plug-in, so you can continue using your CGM graphics.

If you still want to convert to SVG then we are working hard to standardize output from our technology. The project is called TECH SVG, establishing guidelines for exporting SVG. We only export from our software using specific attributes in accordance with Tech SVG. We have documented the TECH SVG project, you can download the Draft Paper above. We believe this will assist the market, providing a standard way of exchanging SVG data, and improve interoperability.

All comments are welcome, in fact that’s the purpose, please email your feedback.